Hope everyone is staying safe.  It’s such a weird and difficult time that we are in but this too shall pass!

I like to once in awhile update recipes on here especially the ones that I mass posted when I started the blog.  Some I changed the seasoning and for others I revised the techniques as I gain more experience with the IP.  Vietnamese Porridge and Shredded Chicken Salad was one of those.  For it, I updated the recipe with both cook time and seasoning method (to omit soup base).  The ingredients can be easily found at your local stores or online wherever you shop.  I also changed the dressing for the Gà Xé Phay (Chicken Salad).  Hope you will give this one a try!

Recipe: Cháo & Gà Xé Phay Instant Pot (Vietnamese Porridge & Shredded Chicken Salad)


Since I started this blog, I got numerous requests on how to make Vietnamese Fish Sauce Mixture (NƯỚC MẮM PHA).  I finally now got a chance to share this with you.  This is my Mom’s recipe and have been loved by many.  In our house we almost always have a jar in the fridge ready for any dishes that calls for it.  It’s very convenient to have it prepared ahead of time.  I just pour out the amount that I need and  add minced garlic and chili.  It’s served with so many Vietnamese dishes including spring rolls/fish rolls, egg rolls, rice plates, cold vermicelli noodles such as the infamous one with grilled pork… etc.

NƯỚC MẮM PHA is very mild and sweet since the ratio of fish sauce to water/vinegar is very low.  The pungent smell of fish sauce is almost no longer there!  This is because the mixture get boiled for a few minutes.  The strong smell of fish sauce is removed in the process.  

I recommend to use this recipe as a base and adjust according to your taste.

Nước Mắm Pha (Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce Mixture)



My husband suggested that for 2020 that I continue with my CƠM GIA ĐÌNH (FAMILY DINNER) menus for the blog.  It was very well received last year and I got so busy with the move that forgot to pick it up back up.  After being quarantined for days and eating all different kind of food, we all wanted some comforting Vietnamese dishes.  I had a jar of pickled mustard greens ready to eat so I decided to make soup with some spare ribs.  It turned out very well and fast thanks to the Instant Pot.

This menu #5 is very simple with just Caramelized Pork Belly with Quail Eggs and Pickled Mustard Greens and Spare Ribs Soup.  Both dishes were prepared the night before after the kids went to bed so the next day I had time to fry some bananas (chuoi chien) for dessert!  I hope you will enjoy this simple menu and I will be back with more ideas soon!  Stay well and healthy!


Canh Dưa Cải Chua Nấu Sườn Instant Pot (Pickled Mustard Greens with Spare Ribs Soup)

Thịt Ba Chỉ Kho Trứng Cút Instant Pot (Caramelized Pork Belly with Quail Eggs)


Pickled Mustard Green (Day 1) Pickled Mustard Greens (Dưa Cải Chua)


I’m calling it a new recipe but it’s actually a really old one.  I joined the Vietnamese Instant Pot Facebook page in Spring 2017.  I think that following Summer was when this recipe came about.  Everyone on that page was making Mango Sticky Rice using their Instant Pot around that time!

The taste is very much like at Thai restaurants we have been to.  You could substitute granulated sugar with palm sugar for this recipe.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference but I know traditionally this Mango Sticky Rice is made with palm sugar.

Recipe: Xôi Xoài Instant Pot (Mango Sticky Rice)


Most time I pull my hair out trying to come up with recipes to test for Instant Pot or to simply figure out what to cook for dinner that the family would enjoy.  I would walk through my local Asian grocery store aisles to aisles looking at different ingredients to draw inspirations.  A few days ago I came across a package of blue crab claws in the Seafood Department for $1.49.  These were the broke off claws from the fresh blue crabs that they were selling.  I know the store, as usual, were trying to make every penny they could get so they bagged those claws up hoping someone would buy.  To me it’s a bargain since crab claws make great broth!

So I took the claws home and turned it into this poor man’s version of Bánh Canh Tôm Cua.  It’s the poor man’s version because I’m using claws instead of real crab meat.  The claws added texture to the simple pork broth and made the bowl looks irresistible.  I hope you will give this recipe a try!  Meanwhile I will hunt for more bargain ingredients for the next recipe!!!

Recipe: Bánh Canh Tôm Cua Instant Pot


If you grew up in Vietnam like I did you would probably remember all the wonderful snacks that we eat at breakfast before heading to school.  A lot of them involve sticky rice, one of which that is very memorable to me is Xôi Bắp Nhão.  It was served wrapped in banana leaves, and the “spoon” was the hard part of a Pandan leaf.

The words “Xôi Bắp” mean corn sticky rice, and the word “Nhão” can roughly be translated as “mushy” (sorry my Vietnamese isn’t great and my English isn’t good either!).  So after searching online for awhile I found no translation for this snack item, so I’m going to call it “Mushy” Corn Sticky Rice… LOL.  If you guys have a better name for it please feel free to let me know!

Normally this snack takes awhile to make and you have to babysit the stove to make sure the bottom doesn’t scorched.  With using the Instant Pot, it’s super easy.  NO SOAKING AHEAD OF TIME IS NEEDED!  Today I literally put all ingredients into the IP and went for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  When I came back the IP was already at full NPR.  It cannot get any easier.  I hope you guys will give this recipe a try!

Recipe: Xôi Bắp Nhão Instant Pot (Vietnamese “Mushy” Corn Sticky Rice)

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