Happy Fall everyone!

Although Fall doesn’t quite exist in Florida like most Northern States we still really enjoy this season.  The temperature in Orlando has actually dropped a bit and if we go outside very early in the morning we can almost feel “Fall”… LOL.

Colder temperature always translate to soupy/brothy dishes for me.  Yesterday for lunch I decided to recreate the Alphabet Beef Soup that are typically served with the 7 courses of Beef (Bò 7 Món).  I first had it years ago at a Vietnamese restaurant in Southern CA that specialized in Bò 7 Món.  The 7th course of beef is Beef Congee or Cháo Bò which are cooked with rice.  But because your stomach gets pretty full after the 6th course that rice congee might not be very appetizing.  So I think instead some restaurants opt to serve this Beef Soup with the Alphabet Pasta (I could be totally wrong here… LOL).  It’s just a small amount of pasty cover by a ton of flavorful ground beef broth.  I love the warming taste and the kids love it because they saw the alphabets floating in the bowl.  It becomes a fun meal!

You don’t have to use IP to make this dish but it does make it easy not having to “babysit” the pot.  I hope you will give this kid-friendly recipe a try!

Recipe: Vietnamese “ABC Soup” IP

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