Hope everyone is staying safe.  It’s such a weird and difficult time that we are in but this too shall pass!

I like to once in awhile update recipes on here especially the ones that I mass posted when I started the blog.  Some I changed the seasoning and for others I revised the techniques as I gain more experience with the IP.  Vietnamese Porridge and Shredded Chicken Salad was one of those.  For it, I updated the recipe with both cook time and seasoning method (to omit soup base).  The ingredients can be easily found at your local stores or online wherever you shop.  I also changed the dressing for the Gà Xé Phay (Chicken Salad).  Hope you will give this one a try!

Recipe: Cháo & Gà Xé Phay Instant Pot (Vietnamese Porridge & Shredded Chicken Salad)


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