If you have been following my blog you’d know my family loves vegetarian food!  I grew up eating many delicious dishes with meat substitute.  Vegetarian food to me doesn’t mean lack of flavor or taste.  It means to simply find an alternative way to make the same dish without the meat/bone component.  So far I have posted a few noodle soup dishes that are vegetarian such as Bun Hue Chay or Pho Chay.  Today I’m sharing with you one of our favorite Vietnamese Rolls that are vegetarian, Bò Bía Chay!

Bò Bía Roll is a very popular street food in Vietnam which consist of sausage, jicama and egg slices along with lettuce/herbs.  In this vegetarian version, we simply replacing the sausage protein with fried tofu.  My family loves Bò Bía whether it’s vegetarian or not.  It tastes refreshing with the different herbs and has an addictive crunchy texture with the jicama/carrot and peanuts.  If you like Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Spring Rolls) you should give this one a try!  You can have Bo Bia as a main dish (everyone rolls their own) or make a few as an appetizer to go with Pho and such.

Recipe: Vietnamese Jicama and Tofu Rolls (Bò Bía Chay)


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