Since I started this blog, I got numerous requests on how to make Vietnamese Fish Sauce Mixture (NƯỚC MẮM PHA).  I finally now got a chance to share this with you.  This is my Mom’s recipe and have been loved by many.  In our house we almost always have a jar in the fridge ready for any dishes that calls for it.  It’s very convenient to have it prepared ahead of time.  I just pour out the amount that I need and  add minced garlic and chili.  It’s served with so many Vietnamese dishes including spring rolls/fish rolls, egg rolls, rice plates, cold vermicelli noodles such as the infamous one with grilled pork… etc.

NƯỚC MẮM PHA is very mild and sweet since the ratio of fish sauce to water/vinegar is very low.  The pungent smell of fish sauce is almost no longer there!  This is because the mixture get boiled for a few minutes.  The strong smell of fish sauce is removed in the process.  

I recommend to use this recipe as a base and adjust according to your taste.

Nước Mắm Pha (Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce Mixture)



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