If you are like me and don’t like to cook whole chicken in the IP just for a few bowls of noodle soup then consider using chicken leg quarters.  Leg quarters consists of about a quarter of the chicken meat on the chicken, hence the name!  It includes a thigh, drumstick, and a part of the back .  One leg quarters is usually sufficient for 1 serving of meat for a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup.  Another benefit is it’s much easier to clean than whole chicken.  And lastly, it cooks faster, about 9 minutes HP.

If you like fresh bamboo shoot then you should try this soup.  Traditionally it was made using dried bamboo shoot.  But the texture of the dried bamboo can be a turn-off sometime especially when you get a bad batch that consists old shoots.  I always make a “chicken salad” and ginger fish sauce to go with the soup.  I feel like they make the dish looks more complicated than it really is.  Plus I am a sauce kind of girl, I dip everything in anything… LOL.  Enjoy!

Recipe: Bún Măng Gà Instant Pot (Vietnamese Fresh Bamboo Shoot and Chicken Noodle Soup)

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