I’m one of those when I see someone eats something I salivate and have to eat it too, especially late at night. My good friend, Vy, shared a photo of her braised fish in the IP one late night when we were chatting and that was it. I woke up wanting fish. But of course with the busy schedule I was not able to make it that day or that week, in fact I think it has been over a month.

Last weekend we went grocery shopping and I found Swai Fish (Ca Bong Lau) in the frozen section and immediately thought of Ca Kho. Swai Fish, as you know, is native to rivers in Vietnam. So we can only get imported Swai in the US.  It has a similar texture as Catfish. They both go really well in Vietnamese Sour Soup (Canh Chua) or braised fish in a clay pot (Ca Kho To).  Braised fish is traditionally cooked in a clay pot but it’s just as good in the IP :).

I used my 3-quart IP to make it and it was absolutely the perfect size for 1 lb of fish! The sauce turned out thick and so rich in flavor. I will make Canh Chua to go with it tonight for dinner.  Can’t wait!

You should try!

Recipe: Cá Kho Instant Pot (Vietnamese Braised Fish)

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