Water is good for you but I’m not big on drinking just plain water. So in an attempt to keep myself hydrated during the day at work I decided to make Artichoke and Chrysanthemum Tea last night. It was so refreshing over ice. It woke me up so I didn’t have to make 2nd cup of coffee 😊.

This is the easiest thing ever to make in the IP. Before heading to bed I set 20 minutes HP and let it NPR overnight.

Ingredients (used 8-quart): 1 artichoke (halved), 1 bag of dried Chrysanthemum, a few pieces of rock sugar to your taste, and water to below max. I discarded all solids after cooking.

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    • It stands for Natural Pressure Release (versus QR – quick release). It usually takes about 20-30 min but if you leave it overnight the pressure will be all gone in the morning.

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