Introducing another quick Budget Friendly Family Dinner.  This Menu #3 has a very authentic Vietnamese flavor.  Stuffed bitter melon soup is somewhat an acquired taste due to the fact that well… it’s bitter.  But once you are used to it this dish can be quite addictive.  Bitter melon has tons of health benefits including high in Vitamin C. It can also help reduce blood sugar.  Cooking bitter melon in the IP takes no time at all, about 7 minutes high pressure seems to be good.  I prefer the texture of pork paste instead of just ground pork.  You can find pork paste in the frozen section of your Asian stores or check out a local Vietnamese Deli that sells Vietnamese Ham and such.  They usually carry pork paste as well.  In Orlando, I can get a pound of fresh pork paste for $5.00.

What goes well with stuffed bitter melon soup is Dau Hu Ram or Caramelized Tofu.  Growing up with a vegetarian grandma in Vietnam I ate Dau Hu Ram very often.  It was almost a stable dish in our family.  Not only it’s good with rice but also in sandwiches.  Pair with daikon/carrot, some slices of cucumbers and you’ll have a delicious vegetarian sandwich (Banh Mi Chay)!


Đậu Hũ Ram (Caramelized Tofu)
Khổ Qua Hầm Giò Sống Instant Pot (Pork Paste Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup)




4 Comments on “New Recipes: Cơm Gia Đình (Budget Friendly Family Dinner) – Menu #3”

  1. Thank you for the great com gia dinh ideas! The fancy soups and noodles are great for weekends, but for the weekdays sometimes you just need simple quick dishes like these.

  2. I made the opo soup over the weekend, and it was a big hit! Thanks for sharing your great recipes…

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