The other night I was able to whip up dinner in less than 30 minutes (with some minor prep).  The featured dish was Vietnamese Caramelized Shrimp which can be very addictive.  It was a little salty, a little sweet that had my son eating his rice non-stop.  To compliment this dish I made a light and healthy soup with dried shrimps and Napa cabbage.  I also used the IP to perfectly steam some broccoli.

  1. 3-quart IP: cooked 4 cups of rice using the ceramic inner pot.  Ratio is 1 cup of rice to 1 cup of water (always use regular cup), select Rice function.
  2. 6-quart IP: steamed 1 lbs of broccoli on Low Pressure, 0 minutes, with 1 cup of water and QR.  (I found that it’s best to steam broccoli in the 6-quart versus the 8.  The 6-quart has less power which won’t overcook the broccoli.)
  3. Stove top: cooked Canh Tôm Kho Cải Napa (Dried Shrimps with Napa Cabbage Soup), and Tôm Rim (Vietnamese Caramelized Shrimps)

So many have asked me about this utensil holder! I got it at Marshall’s for $5.99!

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