Beside Phở Bò (Beef Pho), Bo Kho (Beef Stew) is another Vietnamese dish that I believe the IP is great for! Beef shank can take quite some time to soften when cooking on the stove top. I always dreaded making it before and it was a dish that my Mother-in-law would only cook for special occasions or holidays because it just takes too long to make. But now we can have Bo Kho any day or any night of the week since it only takes a fraction of the time! 

A few notes:

  1. Beef shank (Bap Bo) is best for Vietnamese beef stew. The texture is good! You could add or replace with flank but shank is my meat of choice for beef stew.
  2. I like to use the Quoc Viet soup base for Bo Kho. I have not found a better substitute.  If you wish you omit the soup base, use salt/fish sauce, sugar… etc to season it.  I don’t have measurements for those.  
  3. We love Honeycomb Tripe in our Bo Kho. You don’t have to add it. It can be replaced with more beef shank or carrots.
  4. Culantro (ngo gai) goes really well with Bo Kho. Add them with basil directly to your bowl to enhance the flavor.
  5. Serve Bo Kho with rice noodles, egg noodles or baguette. The choice is yours!

Follow link to the Recipe: Bò Kho Instant Pot (Vietnamese Beef Stew)

Hu Tieu Bo Kho
Culantro (ngo gai)

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