We recently went to a nice/trendy downtown eatery.  We noticed that there were selling chicken broth for about $5 for a 4-cup container (large Chinese soup carryout container) and people were buying them left and right.  I told my husband for $5 I could make IP broth for a whole village (a little exaggerated, I know!) and with not much effort at all.

Every since I went back to work our fridge always has some kind of homemade IP broth.  I like to start the new week with making a fresh batch of homemade broth (chicken or pork).  I usually cook them on Sunday’s night in preparation for the work week.  I use homemade broth to make different things through out the week such as some type of noodle soup or just a simple Vietnamese “canh” to eat with rice.  It’s such a time saver so that dinner can be prepared in 30 minutes on a weeknight.

RECIPE: For pork broth I typically use 2-3 lbs of bones (I prefer marrow bones but neck bones would be fine too), one onion and a vegetable such as daikon (you could use carrot and/or celery too depend on how you plan to use your broth).  I parboiled the bones for 5 minutes on the stove top first to remove the impurities, washed and rinsed again with water then add to the IP.  I filled my 8-quart with water just slightly below the max line.  Selected Pressure Cook, High Pressure, 20 minutes.  There is usually no rush for me to use this broth so I let the IP NPR, many times I leave it NPR overnight.  Once it was done, I ran the broth through a sieve to make it 100% clear and discard all solid ingredients.  You can freeze them or store in the fridge for usage through out the week.

Last night I used the broth to make Lobster Wonton Noodle Soup.  We scored some good deals on lobster tails at the grocery store recently.  It was such a satisfying meal to have on a weeknight and would not have been possible without my pre-made stock.  Total time it took was about 40 minutes (rolling the wontons took some time!).

I hope this will help speed up your weeknight dinner preparation!



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  1. I hope to be receiving my Instant Pot today from Amazon. One of the first things I plan on making is pork stock to use for Jok. Your recipe looks great 🙂

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