I’m finally putting a sticky rice IP recipe to this blog!

Xôi Mặn (Savory Sticky Rice) is so easy to make!  It’s always a hit at Vietnamese parties.  You have a variety of topping choices, can add all or just a few.  I always think of this dish when I have leftover rotisserie chicken.  If you have time use the carcass from the chicken to make the liquid/broth for the rice.  It gives the rice so much more flavor versus using water or store bought broth.  Here is the link to my post on making broth with Costco rotisserie chicken: Multi-usage for Costco Rotisserie Chicken

Regarding the rice itself, I prefer to cook sweet rice for Xoi Man directly in the inner pot with no soaking ahead of time.  I often use my 3-quart IP to cook the rice.  Adding oil and cooking spray really help to prevent rice scorching to the bottom of the pot.

I hope you’ll find this recipe easy and simple just like the other recipes on here!

Recipe: Xôi Mặn Instant Pot (Savory Sticky Rice)


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  1. Thanks Katie for posting this recipe! I made it for Christmas morning it was so quick and so good. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

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