Most time I pull my hair out trying to come up with recipes to test for Instant Pot or to simply figure out what to cook for dinner that the family would enjoy.  I would walk through my local Asian grocery store aisles to aisles looking at different ingredients to draw inspirations.  A few days ago I came across a package of blue crab claws in the Seafood Department for $1.49.  These were the broke off claws from the fresh blue crabs that they were selling.  I know the store, as usual, were trying to make every penny they could get so they bagged those claws up hoping someone would buy.  To me it’s a bargain since crab claws make great broth!

So I took the claws home and turned it into this poor man’s version of Bánh Canh Tôm Cua.  It’s the poor man’s version because I’m using claws instead of real crab meat.  The claws added texture to the simple pork broth and made the bowl looks irresistible.  I hope you will give this recipe a try!  Meanwhile I will hunt for more bargain ingredients for the next recipe!!!

Recipe: Bánh Canh Tôm Cua Instant Pot


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