We recently moved out of the house that I planted so many lemongrass bushes.  Those lemongrass plants are still thriving so the new tenant asked me how they should cook it?  Lemongrass chicken came to mind as it’s the easiest way to cook/use lemongrass.  I brought over to them Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken made with the IP for dinner one night and they loved it!

I’m sharing this same IP Lemongrass Chicken recipe and hope you will like it too!  Previously, I added a Lemongrass Chicken recipe but it was non-IP and I used chicken breast instead of drumsticks.  My preference is bone-in chicken for this dish.  The coco rico sauce is thick and addictive.  The downside to this dish is that you’ll consume so much rice!

Recipe: Đùi Gà Kho Xả Instant Pot (Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken)



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  1. This is very delicious! Just wondering if it’s possible just to add the tumeric earlier (in the marinade or in the deglazing step with the Coco Rico) to simplify…does it change the final product? Thanks so much!

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