I finally had time today to add a new recipe to the blog.  Sorry this one took me so long to put together.

As I’ve shared previously that vegetarians run in my family, my grandma was and now my Mom.  Many of my cousins in Vietnam are now vegetarians as well.  Therefore, I grew up eating excellent vegetarian food.  Every time we go the Buddhist temple I look forward to having a hot bowl of Bun Hue Chay.  It’s always so flavorful and I prefer it over the meat version.

Like any noodle soup, the key is the broth.  Vegetarian broth relies on many different types of vegetables.  My family uses corn, jicama, daikon and carrot a lot to make/sweeten our broth. I hope you’ll like this recipe as well!

Recipe: Bún Huế Chay Instant Pot (Vietnamese Vegetarian Spicy “Hue” Style Noodle Soup)






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