Mì Hoành Thánh Instant Pot (Vietnamese Wonton Noodle Soup)

  • Servings: 6 or more bowls
  • Difficulty: medium
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Author: Katie Le | Katie’s Test Kitchen


    Broth for 8-quart Instant Pot

  • 2 – 3 lbs of Pork Bones (marrow bone is the preference, but you can use neck bone as well)
  • 1 medium size daikon (peeled and halved)
  • 1 onion (peeled)
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 7 tbsp of Quoc Viet Hu Tieu or Pork Soup Base
  • about 1 tbsp of rock sugar (a little larger than a thumb size)
  • mushroom seasoning to taste
  • Wonton Filling

  • 1 lb of ground pork
  • 1/2 lb of shrimps (more or less up to you, peeled shell and chopped to small chunks)
  • 1 small onion (minced)
  • 2 green onion (used white part, minced)
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce (I used Maggie Seasoning)
  • 1.5 tbsp of sugar
  • 1 tbsp of sesame oil
  • Others:

  • Egg Noodles (I prefer the packages in the refrigerated/frozen section versus the dry ones, each package usually has 4 bundles, a bundle is 1 serving; I blanched in boiling water before serving, optional to add some sesame oil to separate the noodles; follow instructions on the package for best result)
  • 1 package of wonton wrapper (I prefer the square shape version)
  • cilantro and onion (chopped)
  • ground pepper
  • fried shallot
  • fresh chili peppers
  • lettuce
  • 1 lb of bok choy (blanched in boiling water with a 1 tsp of salt)
  • garlic chives (trimmed and cut to about 2 inches legnth)
  • Optional Extra Toppings: Quail Eggs, Imitation Crabs, Shrimp Balls, BBQ Pork (Xa Xiu), Boiled Shrimps… etc.


1. Parboil pork bones on the stove for about 10 minutes. Rinse well with cold water.  Add bones, daikon, onion, salt, rock sugar, and 7 tbsp of soup base.   Pour about 6 cups of boiling water, enough to cover ingredients.  Select Manual/Pressure Cook, 20 minutes for pork neck bones and 30 minutes for pork marrow bones.  Allow 15 minutes NPR or full NPR if you have time.

2. Mix all wonton filling ingredients and let it sit for 10 minutes.  Using the wonton wrapper add about 1 tsp or so of filling.  Fold the edges together to make little “purses”.  You can wrap wonton in big batches and separate them using mini muffin pans or ice cube trays.  Use food wrap to cover and place in freezer.  When you’re ready to cook, drop them into boiling water.  Cook until they float to the surface.  Remove and set aside

3. Once the pressure has been released (if you’re doing 15 NPR, then QR 15 minutes after cook time is up), open lid and remove all solid ingredients.  Add about 12 more cups of boiling water.  Switch to saute mode, adjust to high and bring broth to a boil.  Cater to your taste by adding mushroom seasoning, sugar or more soup base.

4. To serve, add cooked noodles and wonton to a large bowl, and ladle boiling broth over. Garnish with chopped onion and cilantro. Top with garlic chives, ground peper, and fried shallot.  Serve with bok choy, fresh lettuce, and hot chili.

Happy cooking!


23 Comments on “Mì Hoành Thánh Instant Pot (Vietnamese Wonton Noodle Soup)”

    • Hi Lena, I only use rock sugar for broth. I think that was how I was taught 🙂 It’s very clear and doesn’t overwhelm the broth with “sugar”. You could substitute for raw cane sugar though. But granulated sugar is not recommended.

    • Hi Phuong, you can keep the bones and everything the same. In step 3, add just 9 more cups of water (instead of 12). Reduce the Quoc Viet soup base to about 5-6 (I’d start with 5 and see how it tastes).

  1. So I still have some pork neck bone from when I made this the other day. My gf n her family want to come over to try it this weekend. I think I need to make more soup. Can I use the same pork neck bones or should I buy a new batch?

  2. Can you tell me what mushroom seasoning looks like and what brand do you the know chili oil brand if you were to just serve the wontons with chili oil.

  3. Hi! So if you have premise pork bone from you storing chicken/pork bone broth with daikon. Do you still use the condiments (rock sugar, onion etc)? Or do you just throw the wontons into the already made soup? Thank you!

    • Hi, yes you’d need to add rock sugar and soup base (or however you wish to season the broth). Season the broth to your taste. I typically boil my wontons in a separate pot and not with the broth pot. This is to prevent having a cloudy broth.

  4. Hi Katie, for your conversion from 8 qt to 6 qt, curious why you recommend only adding 9 cups of water? If I make the base with same amount of bone and water, shouldn’t it taste the same with 12 more cups of water like with the 8 qt recipe? Seems like there’s enough space in the 6 qt pot. Thanks!

  5. Hi Katie, what does the pork soup base look like. I’m at Chinese market at the moment and closest to that is packet of Japanese Style Pork Bone Soup Base? Will that do? No one here seems to know without a picture to show.

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