We recently learned of another Vietnamese Noodle Soup similar to Bún Riêu from a friend who visited us last year that got my husband very intrigued.  We both never had Canh Bun before.

So I did some research to see what is so special about this noodle soup.  This is Bún Riêu’s sister with a few major differences:

1. Authentically, the “Rieu” is made of Field Crab (Cua Đồng) so it’s very light and fluffy, no ground pork!
2. The noodles are thicker and to be simmered in the broth before serving! I used BBH noodles.
3. No tomatoes! Tamarind sauce is served on the side (I didn’t have time to make that).
4. Boiled water spinach is served with Canh Bún versus split fresh water spinach

I attempted Canh Bun a few months ago using the grounded frozen Field Crab.  It had bits/solids so you have to filter it out to get the liquid mixture.  We love the flavor and complexity that Field Crab brought to the broth but I did not like the process.  It was not foolproof so I hesitated to share that recipe.  While wandering in the frozen section of our local Vietnamese grocery store I came across the ready-to-cook Fresh Water Crab Mixed.  No filtering is needed, all you have to do is mix with your egg whites and add to the broth to make the Rieu.  So do try this recipe if you can find the ready-to-cook Fresh Water Crab Mixed.

I can’t vouched for the authenticity of this recipe as I did not grow up eating Canh Bún.  But if you like my Bun Rieu and want to try a similar dish (with a more complex flavor broth) I’d recommend it.  My husband and 2 picky boys love it.  I hope you will too!

Canh Bún Instant Pot Recipe: Canh Bún Instant Pot (Vietnamese Water Spinach Noodle Soup)


6 Comments on “Canh Bún (Vietnamese Water Spinach Noodle Soup)”

  1. Thank you so much Katie! I saw your post on FB and was looking for your recipe but couldn’t find it anywhere. Glad you posted!! Can’t wait to try. 😋


  2. Hi I had a great Seafood Curry Soup at a Vietnamese Restaurant in China towen in NY and I would love to know if u have a good recipe for one? It was with coconut milk in it , Thank u for all of your other recipies, Rivi

    • I have a vegetarian curry posted, but not Seafood. Thanks for the idea, I’ll put that on my list of recipes to test!

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